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April 27, 2010



Nice vehicle!!! That amazes me that you have had that many vehicles! I'm currently driving my 4th! Since we got together 15 years ago - we've only had 7! I drove my first car until after Blake was born. :)




Looking forward to my first ride in it


wow, nice ride... lucky you!!! i can't believe how many vehicles you guys have had.... how many has gabe had so far??? LOL!


Nice Car!! :) Ok, so you got me thinking about how many vehicles Andy and I have had and I came up with 4 for me and if you count his 2 motorcycles he has had 15! Not too bad for 18 years together. Your right maybe we should do a scrapbook of just the cars. Might be fun for the kids later. :) LOL!! Talk to you soon!

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